How To Properly Maintain Aircons In A Coastal Area

Aircon is a very important part of any home or office. It keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and dry during winter. If your aircon is not working properly, it will be affecting your health and comfort level. You can easily find an aircon repair service provider near you. Still, if you are looking for the best aircon maintenance services, you must go for a professional company that offers quality aircon maintenance services at affordable prices. This article will give you some of the tips on how to properly maintain aircons In a Coastal Area such as the Northern Beaches:

1. Check the filter

The first thing you should do when you notice something wrong with your aircon is to check its filter. Make sure that there is no blockage in the filter. If there is a blockage, try cleaning the filter using a vacuum cleaner. Also, make sure that the filter is clean from dust particles. The filters get clogged up in coastal areas due to high humidity levels. So, you need to change the filter often.

2. Clean the condenser coils

If you notice that the fan inside the aircon is making a lot of noise, the condenser coil needs to be cleaned. The condenser coil is located outside the house and is connected to the compressor through a pipe. When the compressor runs continuously, it creates a lot of heat, making the pipes expand. This expansion causes the condenser coil to become dirty over time. Therefore, you need to clean the condenser coil regularly so that the aircon works efficiently.

3. Change the refrigerant

If you notice that the temperature inside the room is fluctuating, this could mean that the refrigerant has leaked out of the system. The refrigerant is responsible for cooling down the air inside the room. When the refrigerant leaks out of the system, it affects the entire cooling process and overheating. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the refrigerant every year.

4. Inspect the evaporator coil

When you notice that the house’s temperature is too low, this may indicate that the evaporator coil is blocked. The evaporator coil is located inside the room where the air is cooled. If the evaporator coil gets blocked, it prevents the cold air from flowing into the room. As a result, the temperature inside the room increases. It would be best to inspect the evaporator coil frequently because it might get damaged over time.

5. Check the thermostat

If the temperature inside the room remains constant even after changing the settings on the thermostat, this indicates that the thermostat needs to be replaced. The thermostat controls the temperature inside the room by adjusting the flow of hot and cold water. When the thermostat fails to adjust the temperature correctly, it causes the air conditioner to work inefficiently. Therefore, you should replace the thermostat as soon as possible.

6. Check the wiring

If you notice that the wires are loose, they need to be tightened. Loose wires cause the air conditioning unit to malfunction. The wires connect the various parts of the air conditioning unit. Therefore, the air conditioning unit won’t function properly if the wires are loose. The wires can easily get wet in coastal areas due to high humidity levels inside the house. Therefore, you need regular maintenance to keep them dry. Refer to this article about aircon wiring here.

Bottom line

these are some of the most common problems in an air conditioning system. It is important to maintain the air conditioning system regularly to avoid any problems. If you notice any of these problems, immediately contact a professional service provider who will fix the issue at once. So if you live in coastal areas, you should know how to maintain your air conditioning system properly.

How To Properly Maintain Aircons In A Coastal Area
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