Work Clothing You Should Have

Work clothing such as corporate outfits have a very distinct air about them. The clothes seem to breathe professionalism and success. In order to avoid looking out of place, you need to know what makes an outfit look professional in the business world.

We’ve compiled a list of some corporate clothing outfits that when combined together will have you looking like a total boss! If you want to look professional, but still show your charming personality try wearing a vibrant red dress shirt with a black blazer. To make the outfit more casual, wear jeans instead of trousers.

Blazer with Jeans

Wear an elegant blouse for a nice touch to an otherwise plain look. For men, wear a button-down shirt over slacks for a classic look.

Blouse with Pantsuit

A beautiful floral blouse will make a nice addition to a simple black pencil skirt. Finish up the outfit with some bold earrings and wear your hair in an updo to really bring out your eyes.

Floral Blotch Shirt, Pencil Skirt, Earrings

To take a look from basic to bold, wear a crisp button-down shirt with jeans. Another option is wearing a simple blouse and slacks. For men, try wearing a polo or dress shirt under a sweater for a relaxed yet classy vibe.


How corporate makes people you feel

The outfits mentioned above can also be worn to work. If you’re feeling sluggish and uninspired, slip into a dress shirt and pants combo for an instant mood boost. Add some flair by wearing one of the fun blazers! These outfits will make you look like a million bucks and will certainly reinvigorate your energy.

Button-down dress shirt, cream slacks, blazer with pockets

This is a great outfit for the office! A tucked in button down will give you a professional air while jeans still let your personality shine. Slacks are a staple to any businesswoman’s wardrobe and this makes them easy to incorporate into an outfit. This look is great for a day at the office!

Button-down dress shirt, gray slacks, blazer with pockets

A crisp button down paired with some classy slacks will make you look like an A+ professional. Adding in a blazer and heels really makes this outfit pop! This is one of our favorite outfits to wear to work. Looking for a simple outfit with a lot of style? This is it and more tips here!

Button-down dress shirt, gray slacks, blazer with pockets, heels

Wear a fun patterned shirt underneath your work blouse for an easy way to add some color into your life. Dress pants and black shoes will keep you looking professional while still having fun.

Floral shirt, black slacks, heels

Black and white never fail to impress. This color combination is a classic outfit that will always look chic! Dress pants are great for the office while heels add just enough flair to balance out the outfit. A blazer or cardigan would also be appropriate to wear over this ensemble for colder weather.

Black slacks, blouse, heels

A plain shirt can be transformed into something more by adding an elegant statement piece . For example, wear a simple dress with a bold necklace or earrings. You can also add in some accessories to spice up your outfit! A scarf is another great way to take your look from boring to chic.

Work Clothing You Should Have
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